Remember mandatory liability insurance

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Remember mandatory liability insurance

All registered vehicles must have valid liability insurance - regardless of whether the vehicle is in use or not. It is required by law pursuant to section 15 of the Motor Insurance Act.


It is the owner of the vehicle that is responsible for insuring the vehicle. Those who don’t have mandatory liability insurance on their vehicles are held financially liable for damage caused by the vehicle. Without insurance, the owner must subsequently repay the compensation that the injured party receives through the Norwegian Motor Insurers’ Bureau.

In some cases (i.e. involving personal injuries) the amount may be substantial and could lead to economic ruin for the uninsured.

On MTPL-check you can see if your vehicle is insured.

As of 2018 owners of a registered vehicle without valid insurance, will receive a fee for each day the vehicle is uninsured.

The purpose of the fee is to motivate all vehicle owners to make sure the mandatory insurance is in order. Read more about the fee for uninsured vehicles here.