Sales notice is important

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Sales notice is important

The person listed as the formal owner in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's (NPRA) Motor Vehicle Registry will receive the invoice for the omission fee if the vehicle is uninsured. 

If you have sold the vehicle, you must send a sales notice to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration immediately, in order for the registry to be updated. The seller is responsible for delivering the sales notice.

The sales notice shall be submitted, in accordance with the Road Traffic Act (§15), no later than three days after the vehicle has been sold. We recommend that you use the Norwegian Public Road Administration's electronic solution to submit the sales notice and ensure the buyer completes his part before handing the vehicle to the buyer. You should never leave it to the buyer to submit the sales notice.

Also, remember to fill out the sales contract - for example, Norwegian Automobile Federation’s (NAF) can be used. 

And, of course, you as the buyer must insure the vehicle before you use it.