Claims handling


Motor Insurers' Bureau (TFF) is responsible for handling claims involving motor vehicles that are:

  • unknown
  • uninsured
  • foreign


Has your permanent property (mail box, fence etc.) sustained damage you may be entitled to a settlement from the bureau.

Have you sustained a personal injury caused by an unknown motor vehicle, and the injury results in an economic loss – you may claim your loss covered by the bureau.

Movables (car, bicycle etc.) damaged by an unknown vehicle is not covered under Norwegian law.


Have you sustained damage to yourself or your property by an uninsured motor vehicle, you may claim your economic loss covered by the bureau.


In accordance with international agreements the Norwegian bureau handles all incidents involving foreign motor vehicles in Norway. However, the bureau has opened the Norwegian market for claims handling correspondents. If the foreign motor vehicle’s insurance company have nominated a green card correspondent the handling should go through the correspondent. If there is no correspondent nominated, you may contact the Norwegian bureau via our agent (Crawford & Company).  

Claims settling

Each matter will be individually handled according to Norwegian laws and regulations. It is important to remember the foundation for a settlement is an economic loss. Make sure you properly document your claim with photos, receipts, witness statements etc. This may prove crucial for the process. In most cases an accident report form is also required.


 These legal bases for our handling is the Motor Vehicles Act and the Damages Act.

Contact the claims office

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Phone number: +47 22 04 86 00

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