Frontier Motor Insurance in Norway

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Frontier Motor Insurance in Norway

The use of motor vehicle in Norway provides a valid motor liability insurance cover.

Frontier motor insurance must be taken out for vehicles registered in countries which have not joined the Green Card System, as well as for vehicles with expired green cards. The insurance cover must be valid during the whole period of stay in Norway. Customs stations issue the frontier insurance in Norway. This frontier insurance policy is valid in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, as well as in other EEA-countries and Switzerland.

The minimum validity period is one month. The amounts of insurance premium for a passenger car is NOK 900 for the first month and NOK 540 for the next continously following months or parts of months. If insurance for a passenger car is taken out for a whole year the premium is NOK 6 840. The whole amount of premium must be paid in advance.


Frontier insurance covers compensations:

  • to the innocent party for bodily injuries and material damage, and
  • to the passengers in the insured vehicle for bodily injuries, according to the legislation of the country where traffic accident occurred
  • in Finland, Sweden and Norway bodily injuries to both the driver and the owner of the insured vehicle

The insurance does not cover damage to ones own vehicle or towing etc. expenses.


Minimum premium

(1 month)

Additional charge for the following months or parts of them

Annual premium

(1 year)

A Passenger cars

NOK 900

NOK 540

NOK 6 840

B Motorcycles

NOK 630

NOK 220

NOK 3 050

C Lorries

NOK 2 870

NOK 1 795

NOK 22 615

D Moped

NOK 450

NOK 165

NOK 2 100

E Buses

NOK 2 695

NOK 1 255

NOK 16 500

F Trailers

- with pulling car 50% of the rate of the pulling car (class A, C or E)

- without pulling car 50% of the rate of class C

The insurance is not entitled to a bonus.