Omission fee for uninsured vehicles

Vehicle owners will receive an invoice for the ommision fee from the Norwegian Motor Insurers’ Bureau (TFF) for each day the vehicle is uninsured.

What does this imply?

If you haven’t insured your vehicle, you will be required to pay a fee for each day the vehicle is uninsured, to the Norwegian Motor Insurers’ Bureau (TFF) (section 17a of the Motor Insurance Act). This came into force 1st March 2018. For cars, the fee is 150 kroner * for each day the car is uninsured, other amounts apply to mopeds, trucks, ATV’s etc. In addition to the fee, a motor insurance tax is required from the authorities. See rates.

Failure to pay the omission fee and the motor insurance tax will result in debt collection.

Please note that the omission fee is not an insurance.

Insurance obligation

All vehicles, such as cars, mopeds, motorcycles, tractors and buses, etc., which have the license plates on or have status as registered, must be insured. This is legally required after bilansvarsloven (section 15). If the vehicle has the license plates on or has status as registered, it must be insured even if it’s not in use or not in a drivable condition.

The liability insurance (motor insurance) covers damage to someone else's vehicle or property, it also covers any personal injury to anyone involved in an accident.

It is illegal to use the vehicle without a valid liability insurance (motor insurance). If an accident occurs, the owner of the uninsured vehicle may be penalized and held financially liable for any damage that occurs.

An uninsured vehicle could be deregistered by the authorities in the event of road side checks. We emphasize the importance of making sure all your vehicles are duly insured to avoid the omission fee.

The mandatory motor third party liability insurance (MTPL) is not required for deregistered, unregistered, wrecked or stolen vehicles. Trailers or caravans (towed trailers) are not defined as motor vehicles and do not require MTPL.

Damage caused by uninsured vehicles

Damages caused by uninsured vehicles are covered by the Norwegian Motor Insurers’ Bureau (TFF). Thus, TFF will demand recourse against the owner of the uninsured vehicle.

Log into our website to see if your vehicles are required to have MTPL and if they are duly insured.

If the vehicle is not in use or is not in a drivable condition, you must submit the license plates to one of the National Public Roads Administration. If the vehicle is only used parts of the year, it must be deregistered for the time it is not used to avoid insurance requirement. The license plates are stored free of costs at the traffic station for up to six months.

If you think the vehicle is unregistered or wrecked but not listed as such in the motorcar register, please contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to avoid charges.

If you are listed as the owner of a stolen vehicle, you should contact the police to ensure that it’s reported stolen to avoid future charges.

If you own a vehicle that you believe is insured but is listed as uninsured, it is important that you contact your insurance company as soon as possible to correct the mistake.

Background for the omission fee

More than 3% of all vehicles in Norway are uninsured. Damage caused by uninsured and unknown vehicles leads to significant expenses for the insurance companies that cover this via the Norwegian Motor Insurers’ Bureau (TFF). These costs are relegated to law-abiding policyholders.

In Sweden, which has had a similar fee scheme since the 1970s, less than 1% of the vehicles are uninsured.

The fee scheme was approved by the Parliament on 15th of December 2017. The fee will motivate the owners of uninsured vehicles to purchase mandatory liability insurance (motor insurance). The Norwegian Motor Insurers’ Bureau (TFF) will charge the fee, and the fee will be used to cover the damages caused by uninsured and unknown vehicles (section 10 Bilansvarsloven).

Please note that the fee is not an insurance, and in addition, a road insurance tax to the authorities (previous annual road tax) is required for each day the vehicle is uninsured.