Q&A about the fee


What does the fee scheme imply?

The fee scheme implies that an owner who has not duly insured the vehicle with mandatory motor insurance (liability insurance) must pay a fee to the Norwegian Motor Insurers’ Bureau (TFF) for the period the vehicle has invalid insurance. 

What is the background for introducing the fee?

The purpose of the fee scheme is to motivate the legal fulfillment of the insurance obligation, ie that owners get their uninsured vehicles insured.

Why have I received an invoice for the fee?

You are registered as the owner of an uninsured vehicle.

What is the cost per day?

Fee rates per day:

Moped, tractor, motor vehicle, veteran vehicle: 50 NOK per day

Car, van, camper van, tracked vehicle, motorcycle, snowmobile: 150 NOK per day

Bus, truck: 250 NOK per day


* In addition, the motor insurance tax to the authorities (previous annual fee) is required for each day the vehicle is uninsured:

The amount is calculated from a daily rate multiplied by the number of days the vehicle is insured.

In the table below you will find the daily rates for the motor insurance tax. The rates are adjusted yearly by Parliament. 


This is an overview of the current payable rates (NOK/day):

Vehicle groups



F.o.m 1.3.2022 t.o.m 28.2.2023

F.o.m 1.3.2023 t.o.m 29.2.2024

F.o.m 1.3.2024

Car and bus, diesel without particle filter




Car and bus, petrol or diesel with particle filter








Veterans, moped, tractor, taxi, motor vehicle, snowmobile and more




Vehicles in Svalbard, NATO and embassies. Self-insured. 




Electric car and motorcycle. With hydrogen and fuel cell.




Electric moped, tractor, bus, taxi, tracked motorcycle (snowmobile) and more. With hydrogen and fuel cell. 




Which vehicles must be insured?

All vehicles, such as cars, mopeds, motorcycles, tractors and buses, etc., with license plates on or have status as registered, must be insured.

Vehicles that are not subject to registration must be insured when they are in use or parked on a street, road or other place accessible to most people. This applies, for example, to electric scooters.

Which vehicles do not need insurance?

The mandatory motor third party liability insurance (MTPL) is not required for deregistered, unregistered, wrecked or stolen vehicles. Trailers or caravans (towed trailers) are not defined as motor vehicles and do not require MTPL. 

How can I avoid the fee?

You have two options:

insure the vehicle, or
deregister the car on the Norwegian Public Roads Administration website or by delivering the license plates to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

My vehicle is not in driving condition/is not in use – must I have insurance?

All vehicles that are registered must be insured. Vehicles that are not subject to registration must be insured when they are in use or parked on a street, road or other places accessible to most people.

If the vehicle is not in use or is not in drivable condition, you can deregister it. The liability insurance will then end automatically. It may still be that you need comprehensive insurance. Contact your insurance company for more information.

What happens if I do not pay the fee?

If you do not pay the fee, the Norwegian Motor Insurers’ Bureau (TFF) will send reminders and forward the claim for legal collection. Please note that previously issued daily omission fees will not be canceled when getting insurance.